What is Starinsky Giveaways Website?

It started as a place to host giveaways for my viewers, like MK Mobile souls, accounts, Shadow Fight gems etc. But with time it became so much more! Our community grew over time and so did this website. Below are some of the amazing features of the website:

Earn Starcoins

Starcoin is a virtual currency used on this website. You can spend it on opening packs, giveaway entries and stream donations. Don't worry, you don't have to pay real money to get starcoins, there is plenty of ways you can get them for free. You can redeem codes I post on my channel all the time, you can spin the prize wheel, collect free bonuses every few hours and also and also get them from quests.

Open MK Mobile Packs

Open packs in our pack opening simulator, build a strong kollection of Mortal Kombat Mobile characters right here on the website. New packs coming out all the time, get a character you always wanted but couldn't get in the real game, see what other people pulled from each pack and just have fun!

MK Mobile Characters Tier List

Find out who are the best characters in Mortal Kombat Mobile. Thousands of people ranked every card in the game, so you can learn who to strive for if you're a new player. You can also contribute to the rankings. Wanna share your opinion about a certain character? Submit your vote and help newer players with their choice.

Send Your Characters on Quests

The characters you got from opening packs you can also send on different quests, like Raiden's Bedroom or Hangout with Shaggy, which will earn them XP and some coins and bonus cards for you. The more XP characters have, better rewards you get. If you max out a character (lvl 60, Elite X), you can upgrade their tier! Yes! Diamond Monk is possible on this website :)

Participate in Giveaways

You can enter multiple giveaways we have going on the website. You always get your first entry free for every giveaway, but if you want to increase your chances even further, you can get additional entries with starcoins. All kinds of stuff getting given away here, will you be lucky enough to win it?
Here are a few giveaways going on at this moment:
Starcoins Giveaway
Starcoins Giveaway
Starcoins Giveaway
MK Mobile Awesome Android Account Giveaway
Shadow Fight 3 Giveaway
Read our FAQ if you have any questions, and good luck! Don't forget to follow StarInSky on DLive, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter: