StarInSky Giveaways FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

What are starcoins?

Starcoins are the virtual currency used on this website. It can be used to open MK Mobile packs on the website or purchase additional entries for active giveaways. You get your first entry for each giveaway for free.

How can I get more starcoins?

There are a few ways to get starcoins.
The easiest way is to redeem a code. Codes will be given away by StarInSky in his videos, social media, live streams and pretty much anywhere you can interact with him. Some codes can expire, some codes have limited amount of uses, so keep active in StarInSky community not to miss free codes.
You can get a free starcoins bonus every hour just by clicking the button on the main page (higher bonuses unlock as you level up). It's a good way to get some additional coins, just visit this website often and grab your starcoins.
Another way is by completing offers, you can get the most amount of starcoins this way. Click the button "Get Starcoins" on the main page to explore the offer wall. More about it HERE.
Daily missions and special missions also can grant you coins and other great prizes (more on special missions below). Reach certain milestones on the website and receive great starcoins rewards through achievements. You can also earn starcoins through tournaments and prize wheel.

What should I do if I win a giveaway?

Just sit tight and wait for an email with instructions, it usually should come within a few business days after the winner(s) are announced.

How can I improve my chances of winning?

Each giveaway winner(s) are chosen randomly and automatically by the script, but you can increase your chances of winning by increasing the amount of your entries. Each entry is like a ticket, the more you have, the higher chances are your ticket will be the winning one. You can see the total number of entries and how many entries you have in each giveaway, so you can estimate your chances of winning.

Can I buy StarCoins with real money?

Technically yes, but it's more like a reward for your donations. On Donate page there is an option to donate real money, for every $1 you donate you'll get 300 starcoins. If you donate during the livestream, your message and donation will pop up on the screen as well By purchasing starcoins you'll be supporting me as creator as well.

Website features explained:


You can access tournaments page on your homepage. You can switch between tournaments and giveaways view using the buttons on the home page, and your last choice will be saved until you log out. Tournaments last 3 days, you can see the rewards for each tournament in each tournament details. You are rewarded based on what place you take, you compete against all other members and you can earn tournament points by completing certain tasks (tasks are described in each tournament). The more points you earn, the higher you will place on the leaderboard and the higher rewards you will get.

Daily Missions, Special Missions and Achievements

If you click on the missinos button on the home page, you can find daily missions, special missions and achievents. Daily missions reset every day at midnight EST, and you can complete them every day to earn rewards as starcoins, xp and cards. Special missions reset only when you complete them, new mission generates every 6 hours if there is less than 5 active missions. You can skip one special misison per day and it will be replaced with a random new one instantly. Achievents provide you with 1 time reward for reaching a certain milestone. Each achievement has multiple levels, so it's a good source of starcoins and xp if you keep improving your stats.

Profile level and perks

Each user starts as level 1 and can increase their level by gaining xp. As you level up, you unlock different cosmetics for your user banner and other perks on the website. You can see all perks on the Perks page, you can access it by clicking Missions button on the home page. You can gain xp doing missions, tournaments and even certain quests. Achievements can grant you loads of xp as well.

Opening packs

Most popular way of spending starcoins on the website is opening packs. You can build your MK Mobile kollection on the website, collecting characters, gear and support cards. Your kollection on the website cannot be transfered to the real game, but it's completely free to get starcoins and have fun building your kollection. Free pack is special, cause it's only available once every 4 hours, but it can give you any card in the game, even diamond character. Other packs can come and go, you can see full details of the pack and drop chances when you click on the pack. 

Ruby tier and upgrading tiers

Unlike MK Mobile game, here you can upgrade tiers of characters. Since getting cards is much easier than in actual game, you can get your bronze cards to silver, silver to bronze and etc. You will need a card to be level 60 fusion X in their current tier and you'll need to have enough upgrade tokens for the upgrade (you can get upgrade tokens from getting duplicate cards or fully getting rid of a certain tier in your kollection, like if you upgrade all bronze cards to silver, bronze pack will give you upgrade tokens instead of characters).

Recently additional tier was added for characters, ruby tier. It's different from all other tier, you can upgrade your fully maxed diamond cards to ruby tier, but ruby cards are not directly available in packs, so in order to fuse a ruby card, you need to collect 3 more diamond versions of the card. Let's say you upgraded your Dark Fate Terminator to ruby tier, diamond terminator will still be available in packs. Now if ou open a diamond pack and get a Terminator, you will find a ruby tier Terminator even though it's a diamond card inside the pack, but instead of fusing him, you will receive a gem on your card. Collect 3 of those gems, and your ruby Terminator fusion will increase. 

User banner

Every member of the website has a user banner. You can customize it in your profile page, you can change icon, background, title and text color, you can unlock different graphics and titles by leveling up or get custom ones from tournaments, if you place high enough. Your banner is visible to everyone on the website in pack opening logs, tournaments, leaderboards and everywhere on the website.


Crafting is fully released now! You can already collect crafting materials from packs, and from various rewards on the website (coming soon). Don't worry, all crafting materials you get are saved for your profile.
You can craft character cards using dust and gear cards using potions of the same rarity. In order to craft a card you need to already own it, when you craft a copy of the card your fusion will increase. You can craft a card on a character page or on the gear page. You can find crafting materials in packs and various rewards around the website. You can also convert crafting materials from one tier to another (only from lower tiers). Cards are available for crafting 2 weeks after they are released on the website.