StarInSky Giveaways FAQ
What are starcoins?

Starcoins are the virtual currency used on this website. It can be used to purchase additional entries for active giveaways. You get your first entry for each giveaway for free.

How can I get more starcoins?

There are a few ways to get starcoins.
The easiest way is to redeem a code. Codes will be given away by StarInSky in his videos, social media, live streams and pretty much anywhere you can interact with him. Some codes can expire, some codes have limited amount of uses, so keep active in StarInSky community not to miss free codes.
You can get a free 10 starcoins bonus every 6 hours just by clicking the button on the main page. This amount and time period may change in the future, but it's a good way to get some additional coins, just visit this website a few times a day and get your reward.
Another way is by completing offers, you can get the most amount of starcoins this way. Click the button "Get Starcoins" on the main page to explore the offer wall. More about it HERE

What should I do if I win a giveaway?

Just sit tight and wait for an email with instructions, it usually should come within a few business days after the winner(s) are announced.

How can I improve my chances of winning?

Each giveaway winner(s) are chosen randomly and automatically by the script, but you can increase your chances of winning by increasing the amount of your entries. Each entry is like a ticket, the more you have, the higher chances are your ticket will be the winning one. You can see the total number of entries and how many entries you have in each giveaway, so you can estimate your chances of winning.

Can I buy StarCoins with real money?

This option is not supported yet on the website, but if you really want to buy starcoins, $1 is 100 starcoins. You can email me at and discuss the purchase. By purchasing starcoins you'll be supporting me as creator as well

Are there any special perks for youtube members and DLive subscribers?

Yes, I'm planning to add additional rewards for youtube members and DLive subscribers, like extra bonus, exclusive codes, more then one free entry and higher payout from offers.